Our Impact

Our Impact, Locally in NYC

Improve reading skills and reading levels. Introduce students to new subject matter. Increase enjoyment of reading. This is the power of Project Cicero.

Since our founding in 2001, Project Cicero has distributed 4,000,000 books to over 1,000,000 students through over 20,000 teachers in New York City’s under-resourced schools — from elementary through high — as well as tripled the number of books in classroom libraries. Additionally, Project Cicero provides books to organizations that serve children, including Literacy Inc., Sheltering Arms, Urban Resource Institute, East Side Settlement House, New York City Housing Authority, Nurse Family Partnership and Help USA. To accomplish this, thousands of families donate books and give their time to collect, sort and distribute them through Project Cicero’s annual book drive and distribution event.

With their books, teachers and librarians …

  • Build and enhance classroom and school libraries
  • Reward and incentivize students
  • Meet the city’s 25 book standard
  • Supplement curriculum
  • Supply books for parents to read with their kids at home
  • Enrich independent reading
  • Enable guided reading
  • See our event recap video with teacher testimonials

Our Impact, ecologically

Project Cicero was one of the 33 organizations included in the NYC Materials Exchange Development Program’s inaugural study and continues to be recognized as a major re-user/recycler in New York City.

Our Impact, nationally

Modeled on Project Cicero New York, Project Cicero Northern New Jersey  and Project Cicero Bay Area service local communities in much the same way. Each organization operates under separate license agreements with the New York Society Library.

Our impact, internationally

Project Cicero encouraged the creation and is an ongoing advisor to Library4all in Athens, Greece.